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1901 registered letter to Hungary

1901 registered letter to Hungary

Scarce 'L' NYC Examiner's postal mark.

1949 Christmas cover from NY to Jersey, Channel Islands

Five 3c Prexies tied by New Rochelle, NY duplex paying the 15c per 1/2oz air mail letter rate to Europe. Posted on December 14, 1949. Reverse shows a 1949 Christmas Seal

1966 Airmail & Special Delivery, Tampa, FL to Jersey

Commericial special delivery letter from Tampa to Jersey, 15c airmail (1/2 oz) plus 30c special delivery fee.

1937 Watrous SK to Antigua - FDC

Philatelic First Day Cover - RBC to Antigua

1914 Trinidad to London

With late use of the Red Cross 'one fraction' charity label

1944 surface letter from Montreal to London

"The richest child is poor without musical training"

1894 Newfoundland to Jersey

#59. 10c Black Schooner tied to neat Return Reply cover from St. John's, Mar 27, 1894 to Jersey, Channel Islands bs.

1935 RBC airmail letter from Bogota to Cristobal, Canal Zone, SCADTA

Bogota to Barranguilla to CZ

1937 Guadaloupe to Canada

1937 (11 AUG) commercial surface letter from Guadaloupe to Toronto. Of interest, the typewriter's ribbon was misaligned resulting in mixed red/black strikes. 1f25 plus 25 paying the 1f50 surface rate to Canada.

1943 registered letter from Queen's University to Talara, Peru

$1 Destroyer (vertical pair) & 20c Corvette on censored #10 commercial cover to PERU paying 6x35c per 1/4oz Airmail Rate PLUS 10c Registration ($2.20).

History: International Petroleum Co was nationalized (siezed) by Peru in 1968.

1943 airmail cover to South West Africa

1895 Merchants' Bank of Halifax

1985 (JA 3) 1c SQ orange (12x12) paying 1c drop letter rate.

1966 White River

5c Cameo paying the 5 cent 'out-of-town' domestic letter rate. The cameo is not tagged.

1962 (OCT 26) Camrose, AB

1834 Guernsey to Arichat, NS

1834 (DEC 30) folded letter posted from Guernsey to Arichat, Isle Madame, Nova Scotia. Prepaid 'P2/3' Stg by packet to Halifax, landed at Halifax, post marked on FE 18 1835 and forwarded to Antigonish. Charged '1N1' Cy (9d Cy plus 2d Cy) inland postage from Halifax to Arichat. Both handstamps are scarce, the 'Antigonish star' is the rarer of the two.

1939 RBC surface letter from Havana, Cuba to Hamburg, Germany - twice censored

1939 (DEC 5) RBC commercial cover from Cuba to Germany, early WWII, examined and passed by both UK and German censors.

1932 RBC airmail letter from Colombia to NYC


Medellin to New York via Barranquilla

1927 surface letter from Howser, BC to Sark, Channel Islands; redirected to France

1948 RBC domestic windowed letter

1948 (NO 8) Whycocomagh, NS, paid with 4c "Responsible Government" issue and tied by Whycocomagh duplex (type DNS-401). Nice to see a commemorative used on commerical mail when a definitive such as the KGVI coil would have sufficed.

1930 RBC registered cross-border surface letter

1930 (DE 18) registered cross-border letter from Woodstock, Ontario to South Haven, Michigan. 2c KGV "Scroll" paying the letter rate plus 10c "Mount Hurd" paying the registry fee to the US. Received in South Haven on the 20th.

1964 RBC domestic registered letter

1964 (DE 11) registered letter from Halifax (Sub No.3) to New Glasgow, NS. Eight single 5c Christmas "Star of Bethlehem" issue paying the 5c letter rate plus 35c registry fee (<=$25). Received at New Glasgow on the 12th (backstamp).

1939 RBC surface letter from Belize, BH to Holland. Early WWII.

1939 (Oct 27) Belize, British Honduras surface letter to Holland. Although censorship was announced in the colony on 2 Sept 1939, the examiner's OPENED BY CENSOR // 132 resealing tape is type PC 66, which indicates it was examined in the United Kingdom, not the colony. 5c pays the foreign letter rate up to 1 oz.

1940 RBC airmail letter to Holland

1940 (FEB 20) Montreal to Holland, with very late commercial use of 10c Admiral. It was examined by Canadian censor 52, stationed at Ottawa, Ontario before onward transmission to Holland.

1945 'blackout' RBC registered letter to New York, NY

1945 (AUG 3) registered letter to the RBC agents in NYC. Stamps cancelled with a 'blackout' or 'dumb' handstamp, omitting the post office name for wartime security reasons. Post Offices in several east and west coast Canadian ports adopted blackout cancelers in late 1942 through 1945. Notice the boxed 'R' registry stamp is missing the town as well. The cancel measures 24mm (outer ring), thick inner ring measures 21mm outside, 14mm inside. The letter was received in NYC on August 8th (backstamped).

1936 Colombia to New York, NY

Maniesales (June 14) to Barranquilla (June 16) to New York, NY. Airmail via SCADTA

1856 Plaister Cove, NS to Guernsey

1856 (JY 11) folder letter to Guernsey. Prepaid 1/- Stg (1/3 Cy.) to Guernsey. Transited through Halifax (JY 15), Liverpool (JY 26), London PAID (JY 27), received in Guernsey sometime between the 28th and 31st.

1937 Registered letter to Australia

This heavy letter was endorsed for domestic air mail service to Vancouver to catch the steam ship Anten. However, the 23c postage paid (and backstamps) suggests it travelled overland by rail. The rate can be decomposed as:

3c Empire rate (1st ounce) plus 10c (2c x 5 add'l ounces) plus 10c Registry Fee

The letter arrived in Port Adelaide on Feb. 20, nearly 6 weeks later.

1815 Quebec to Guernsey, Channel Islands

Outer folded letter sheet, docketing indicates it was date lined "Quebec 29 May" 1815, received in Guernsey on "20 July" 1815 and was answered on the 25 July. The letter was carried by private vessel ("p. Benson") and landed at Portsmouth (scarce small oval "SHIP LETTER PORTSMOUTH"), transited through London on 17 July. Ex. A. Robertson

1923 Registered letter to Jersey

Margaree Harbour, Nova Scotia to St. Helier, Jersey. 10c 'Admiral' and pair of 2c 'Admirals' paying the 4c Empire Treaty letter rate (on 1st oz) plus 10c registry fee. Mailed on April 13, received in Jersey on May 1st.

1923 Registered letter to Jersey

Paspebiac, Quebec to St. Helier, Jersey. Vertical strip of four 3c 'Admirals' and two 1c 'Admiral' singles paying the 4c Empire Treaty letter rate (on 1st oz) plus 10c registry fee. Mailed on August 23, received in Jersey is September (partial and faint Jersey receiver).

1895 registered letter to Germany

Chicago to Munich, Germany, double-weight registered letter, 2x5c UPU rate plus 8c registry fee. The 'B' is significant because a NYC Examiner (Registry Office) normally marked a letter on the reverse side, not front. They are known to exist, but this is the first I've seen.

1895 registered letter to Germany - verso

1897 registered letter to Germany

Antigo, Wisconsin to Saalfeld, Germany, double-weight registered letter, 2x5c UPU rate plus 8c registry fee.

1897 registered letter to Germany - verso

Posted from Antigo, WI on Sep 22, arrived at the New York GPO and was processed by Examiner 'D' on Sep 26. Handled by the Registry Division on Sep 27 and dispatched for Germany. Received at Saalfeld, Germany on Oct 8 97.

1943 RBC stationery airmail cover from Montreal to Trinidad.

RBC self-authorized the letter for export as an Agent of the Foreign Exchange Control Board. Thus, we know it contained cash or equivalent exceeding C$5.00 in value. It was not examined by Canadian censors, but appears to have been examined twice by UK Imperial censors stationed at Trinidad. The remnant of a second re-sealing tape is visible beneath Examiner's 5,593 tape (PC 90 Type Ba1, subtype B3). It's also a nice example of a UK tape being used by Imperial censors, handstamped with Trinidad's code IE/

1945 double airmail rate to Jersey

A nice use of the purple 50c Munitions and 10c Parliament paying double the 30c per 1/2 ounce transatlantic airmail rate to Great Britain.

1943 cover from a Japanese internee to the ICRC at Geneva.

The significance of this cover is that nearly all Canadian Red Cross mail was censored by the Germans in occupied Paris. This letter was examined at Munich. It was also examined by Canadian and British censors, thus it was triple censored, not common.

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