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Registry postal marks used by Examiners at the NYC General Post Office, 1882-1902

Bearing a resemblance to the lettered Stations (A, B, C, etc) operating in the same period, they are often ascribed to the Stations themselves. The cryptic postal marks were back stamped by clerks known as 'Examiners' between 1882 and 1902.  Working at the Registry Section of the General Post Office on Park Row, they were responsible for the registered articles placed in their care [1].  Postal marks used by Examiners are B, C, D, E, H, L, O, S, U and can be found in magenta and black.  Purple and pink appear occasionally [2]

I could not have researched these postal marks without the help of fellow philatelists in the US. I originally posted a question about these marks on Richard Frajola's 'Board for Philatelists' and Mr. Nick Lombardi of New Jersey explained their meaning and directed me to the article written by Jere. Barr in 1952.  I am also grateful to the librarians of the American Philatelic Research Library (ARPL) of the American Philatelic Society for finding the original articles written by Dr. Evans in 1935.


New York City Hall Post Office - Broadway - 1875

  The 'new' General Post Office on Broadway -1875.  Click picture to see more photos hosted by

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1885-May-2 'D'

Earliest Recorded Use - Examiner D

205, 209 San Diego, CA registered to England

5-12-85 'D' reverse

1886-Aug-18 'B'

U177, 205 (2) South Manchester, CT registered to Germany at 5cts UPU rate plus 10cts reg fee. Scarce combination

8-19-86 'B' reverse

1888-Aug-3 'D'

212, 213, 216 pair New York City advertising cover Registered Brooklyn to Germany, 5cts UPU rate plus 10cts reg fee. Scarce 3-color-franking

8-3-88 'D' reverse

1890-01-11 'B'

209, 216(2) Baltimore, MD to Germany at 2 x 5cts UPU rate plus 10cts reg fee

1-11-90 'B' reverse

1891-April-7 'O'

U189, 219, 220(2) Bethlehem, PA fancy segmented grid registered to Germany 1891 at 5cts UPU rate plus 10cts reg fee. From stamp dealer.

4-9-91 'O' reverse

1892-Oct-17 'U'

234 vert strip of 3, Allegheny, PA registered to Czechoslovakia, 5cts UPU plus 10cts fee

10-18-92 'U' reverse

1893-Dec-11 'B'

223, 236 Bridgeton, NJ registered to Germany 1893 at 5cts UPU rate plus 8cts reg fee, scarce mixed issues.

12-12-98 'B' reverse

1894-Dec-24 'S'

225, 226 Baltimore, MD registered to Switzerland, 1894 at 2 x 5cts UPU rate plus 8cts reg fee, scarce destination

12-25-94 'S' reverse

1897-Sep-22 'D'

Bureaus: 2cts pairs, single 1ct, 2cts & 5cts on backflap, Antico, WI to Germany, at 2 x 5cts UPU rate plus 8cts reg fee

9-26-97 'D' reverse

1900-May-23 'U'

279, 279B, 281 San Francisco, CA Station D registered to Sweden at 5cts UPU plus 8cts reg fee.

5-29-1900 'U' reverse

1899-Jun-12 'U'

281 pair Englewood NJ registered to Nova Scotia, 1899 at 2cts rate plus 8cts reg fee

6-13-99 'U' reverse

1900-July-14 'S

281 (2), 286 Chicago Englewood Station IL, registered to Germany at 5cts plus 8 cts reg fee. Scarce commercial use

7-16-1900 'S' reverse

1900-Nov-10 'E'

Chicago, Ill registered to Germany 1900 at 5cts UPU rate plus 8cts reg fee

11-11-1900 'E' reverse

Only 2 covers previously seen with Examiner's E mark, assume this is now the 3rd.

1900-Dec-14 'E'

San Francisco registered to Salem, NS. SHORTPAID. 2c paying the first class letter Treaty rate to Canada (2c per oz) plus 8c domestic Registry Fee (should have been the foreign 10c Registry Fee).

12-19-1900 'E' reverse

1 Dr. William Evans, “The New York Registry Examiner Markings”, Postal Markings, December 20, 1935, Vol 5, No. 7, Verona, New Jersey, pg 76
2 Jere. Hess Barr, “The 1882-1902 Registered ‘Letter’ Marks of New York City and Some Collateral Information”, Eighteenth American Philatelic Congress, 1952, pg 69-75


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