Canada and the Channel Islands


2 CENTS envelope (U27a) uprated to 3 with 1 Admiral, paying the 3 Empire treaty rate from Howser, BC to Sark, Channel Islands.
Redirected to France paying one penny whereas 2d was expected.

Sark is the smallest of the four major Channel Islands: Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. It has a unique constitutional status as the smallest independent 'state' in the British Commonwealth.

The U.P.U. regulations allowed letters to be redirected without penalty between member countries; however, this letter was redirected from the lower British Empire treaty rate structure to a country in the regular UPU rate structure.  A letter from Canada to Britain was 3 on the first ounce, whereas a letter to other UPU member countries was 8 per ounce in 1927.  Thus, the difference of 5 cents or 2d (regular 8 UPU vs. treaty 3) was expected to redirect this letter from Sark to France.  However, this envelope was redirected for one penny. 

Perhaps the one penny can be explained as the difference between the GB letter rate to France (2d per oz) less the credit given for the Canadian 3 (2 equivalent to 1d = 1d). Therefore, the postmaster determined the postage as 2d less 1d = 1d.



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